Who I am and What I Do

My Background

I am a Navy veteran, military spouse, and homeschooling mom. I grew up and graduated high school in North Dakota. After high school, I joined the military and was stationed in Virginia. I attended college while working in management and safety roles before becoming a professional Massage Therapist in 2018.

While working in various roles, I have been personally affected by mental health within my personal life and loved ones. I have seen and felt the impacts it has on people, their family and friends, and their ability to work. The importance of self-care and holistic care becomes apparent, and the cornerstone to well-being. It has to lead me to become a passionate healer. I  believe that health includes both mental and physical well-being. I use a holistic approach and am dedicated to helping my patients combat pain while achieving relaxation, tackling stress, and helping with symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

My treatments are designed to help address both your physical and mental well being. When coming to me for a massage, I will understand your problem, provide a treatment plan and treatment to meet your goals, and communicate with you how we can continue meeting those goals. Successful treatment involves understanding, treating, and educating.